Efekt Placebo

Ciekawa, przyciągająca nazwa, interesujące brzmienia i hipnotyzujący głos wokalisty - to Placebo!


Single Placebo

Rok Tytuł Album
1995 "Bruise Pristine" Placebo

1996 "Come Home"

"36 Degrees"

"Teenage Angst"

1997 "Nancy Boy"

"Bruise Pristine" (wznowienie)

1998 "Pure Morning" Without You I'm Nothing

"You Don't Care About Us"

1999 "Every You Every Me"

"Without You I'm Nothing

"Burger Queen Français"

2000 "Taste in Men" Black Market Music

"Slave to the Wage"

"Special K"

2001 "Black Eyed"

2003 "The Bitter End" Sleeping with Ghosts

"This Picture"

"Special Needs"

2004 "English Summer Rain"

"Twenty Years" Once More with Feeling


2006 "Because I Want You" Meds

"Song to Say Goodbye"



2007 "Running Up That Hill"
2009 "For What It's Worth"
Battle for the Sun

"The Never-Ending Why"

"Ashtray Heart"

"Bright Lights"

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