Elektroniczny pop

Czy wiecie, że nazwa brytyjskiego zespołu wykonującego elektroniczny pop Depeche Mode powstała od francuskiego magazynu mody? Popatrzcie co stworzyli.

Depeche Mode

Albumy studyjne Depeche Mode

Rok Tytuł
1981 Speak & Spell

1982 A Broken Frame

1983 Construction Time Again

1984 Some Great Reward

1986 Black Celebration

1987 Music for the Masses

1990 Violator

1993 Songs of Faith and Devotion

1997 Ultra

2001 Exciter

2005 Playing the Angel

2009 Sounds of the Universe

Albumy kompilacyjne Depeche Mode
Rok Tytuł
1984 People Are People

1985 The Singles 81>85

Catching Up with Depeche Mode

1987 Greatest Hits

1998 The Singles 86>98

2004 Remixes 81 - 04

2006 The Best Of, Volume 1

The Complete Depeche Mode

Albumy koncertowe Depeche Mode
Rok Tytuł
1989 101

1993 Songs of Faith and Devotion Live

2006 Recording the Angel

Single Depeche Mode
Rok Singel
1981 "Dreaming of Me"

"New Life"

"Just Can't Get Enough"

1982 "See You"

"The Meaning of Love"

"Leave in Silence"

1983 "Get the Balance Right!"

"Everything Counts"

"Love, in Itself"

1984 "People Are People"

"Master and Servant"

Blasphemous Rumours / Somebody

1985 "Shake the Disease"

"It's Called a Heart"

1986 "Stripped" / "But Not Tonight"

"A Question of Lust"

"A Question of Time"

1987 "Strangelove"

"Never Let Me Down Again"

"Behind the Wheel"

1988 "Little 15"

"Strangelove '88"

1989 "Everything Counts (Live)"

"Personal Jesus"

1990 "Dangerous"
"Enjoy the Silence"

"Policy of Truth"

"World in My Eyes"

1993 "I Feel You"

"Walking in My Shoes"


1994 "In Your Room"

1997 "Barrel of a Gun"

"It's No Good"



1998 "Only When I Lose Myself"

2001 "Dream On"

"I Feel Loved"


2002 "Goodnight Lovers"

2004 "Enjoy the Silence '04"


2005 "Precious"

"A Pain That I'm Used To"

2006 "Suffer Well"

"John the Revelator" / "Lilian"


2009 "Wrong"


"Perfect" (tylko w USA)

"Hole To Feed / Fragile Tension"

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